Custom Hardware Design
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The Custom Hardware Design by CJB: the answer to your demanding funcional needs


We design and manufacture custom hardware based on Intel x86, AMD and ARM architectures. We also design and manufacture special solutions based on single-chip ARMs or small uP for applications like M2M, web-gates, custom I/O interface boards, etc.

Together with our partners (Taiwan-based) we have developed a range of CPUboards of different formats (Mini-ITX, ATX, EBX, PICMG) specifically designed for industrial applications.

Finally, we increased our offer of custom hardware with the ability to provide complete systems including custom-designed mechanics and accessories. Consequently, enclosures and chassis design are also tailored and specially dedicated to fanless applications, even for heavy environments.

All electronics and mechanics is designed within our company, as well as systems. The production of electronics are made in Taiwan under our strict control and supervision.

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Usually we provide the hardware systems (optimized for the software we developed) to our customers to whom we design the software.

We propose hardware solutions appropriate to the needs and which never exceed that. Furthermore, we choose the components with the longest life cycle in terms of product availability. The aim is obviously to give maximum performance at the lowest possible cost and for as long time as possible.

X86 CPU BOARDS We can design and produce CPUboards based upon Intel or AMD chipsets, possibly combined with GPU solutions where demanding graphics performance is needed.

ARM BOARDS We design and manufacture custom boards based on iMX28, iMX53 and iMX6 ARMs, for application-specific machines (vending, food, parking, tickets, etc.).

M2M SYSTEMS We design and produce Web-gates and M2M interfaces based on GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS (3G).

INTERFACE DEVICES We design and manufacture analog and digital I/O boards, optimized for the needs of the customer. Like CANbus interface boards, or ModBus.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE APPLICATIONS We help you to engineer your Digital Signage applications, thanks to our top quality components (ARM or x86 CPU boards) and especially our wide range of super-bright LCD panels, which can also be used for outdoor applications.

DESIGN Finally, we can integrate electronics and "aesthetic form" so creating products based on specific requests design. For example, we have created special PC systems, for the fashion PRADA Group which have been installed in their stores in New York and Beverly Hills. Solid Modeling and imagination are the keys to our design proposals.


  • Cards for POS & Lottery Systems
  • Webgates & M2M interfaces
  • Set-Top Boxes for hospital patient care
  • x86 Boards and systems for industrial applications
  • Cortex-A8 and -A9 ARM boards and touch-control terminals
  • ARM-based CpuBoards for professional food appliances and vending machines
  • Specialized I/O Interface Boards



Obviously, our structure provides design support, consulting support and customized software design. To understand what we can offer you as custom s/w designers, please visit the Custom Software section of this website.