Frequently Asked Questions
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What is CJB?
CJB is a company founded in 1987, which deals with systems integration, hardware and software for industrial automation and Video Communication.
CJB also sells hardware as well as complete systems?
CJB has worked in the '90s as Distributor for Italy for MITAC (IPC leading manufacturer in Taiwan). Since 2000, CJB has an IPO (International Purchase Operation) partner in Taiwan, to treat the acquisition of technology products that are then sold by CJB in Italy (and also abroad, for specific customers).
All the hardware comes from Taiwan?
Much, as electronic technology on PC x86 and ARM was born in far-East.
CJB is not tied to a brand, but thanks to our IPO partner can acquire the best products from different manufacturers, have the maximum support and also have some notable advantages in product customization.
CJB produces hardware?
Certainly. We design x86 and ARM boards, but also enclosures and chassis, and complete systems (e.g.: workstations, PanelPC, HMI, TFT, Set-Top-Boxes). The planning is done jointly with our partners in Taiwan, and the production is made in Taiwan under our control.
To have a custom project takes large quantities?
Depends on the project. In some particulars, the breakeven point (i.e. the break-even of cost, where the cost of the project is absorbed by the lower price of production) occurs at 500 or 1000 pieces, as in the case of x86 or ARM CPU boards; but if we design custom chassis using hardware already available, it's enough to have a plan for 25 pieces as MOQ (minimal order quantity).
A project always requires a custom one-off cost (NRE)?
Yes, the amount of which depends on the complexity of the project.
What time does it take for a custom project?
4~6 weeks for a custom chassis with h/w catalog, 8~12 weeks for a project the ARM or x86 hardware.
CJB also designs custom software?
Yes, we can design applications ad-hoc acquisition, management, control, interface-operator, using the latest technologies and computing platforms (possibly real-time) most common.
CJB provides assistance with product information and supplied systems?
Yes, with limitations. CJB is a company structured to provide services 24/7. Our goal is to grow the customer, so that it becomes as independent as possible using our software design tools (e.g.: PowerPLC-Bridge). So we may only intervene in specific cases.
CJB can assist the customer in the design of the application?
Yes, eventually studying the application and understanding whether it is appropriate to make some ad-hoc s/w project or if it is sufficient to support the Customer.
How to assess the costs of assistance?
Are governed by agreements that may vary from customer to customer depending on the type of assistance required and the scope of the project.
You can customize a BIOS?
Yes, the minimal operation is the freezing of default parameters.
Can you customize a standard (CPU) board?
Yes, but minimum quantities are required, which typically are around 250 pieces per lot.
CJB install the hardware on site?
Only in special cases and for certain projects. For example, installation of Monitors (e.g.: Digital Signage) are sort of ad-hoc work that should be decided from time to time, the installation is generally entrusted to the final customer.
The on-field setup of a control system is possible with the support of CJB?
If the system is the result of an ad-hoc project, the fielding is typically included in the Contract. CJB is also available to support the customer for their particular applications, with arrangements to be established. See also the FAQ paragraph: SERVICE.