Industrial Control CPUboards, ARM & x86/64
Not the same boards which everyone resells, but a wide range of CPU boards, designed - eventually custom designed for you - to meet all the most demanding needs of Industrial Applications. Wide range of formats, x86 and ARM. Custom CPU boards.
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1) ARM-based CPU Boards & Modules
We design and manufacture ARM-based CPU modules, optimized for your Industrial Controllers, and custom CPU boards, rich of all the features needed for dedicated applications
2) Custom Design of Industrial CPU Boards
We custom-design and produce CPU boards with ARM (NXP) processors and micro-controllers (STM), which features are decided together to optimize your Controllers. The NRE cost is convenient and we don't ask for large qty in mass production
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3) 3.5" & PICO CPU Boards
Small stand-alone compact boards, but rich of onboard features, size like a floppy drive (3"1/2) or "PICO" form-factor (100x72mm). Perfect as engines of HMI/PanelPC systems of small control systems
4) Mini-ITX CPU Boards
A complete range of models and versions, with different architectures and performance, for your needs of Automation, Control and Digital-Signage applications
5) Industrial CPU Boards with ATX form-factor
ATX boards with on-board all the functions necessary for industrial applications: PCI and PCIexpress slots, COM ports, Ethernet, LVDS LCD, Flash
6) PC-104 (PC-104+, PCI-104) CPU boards
Compact CPU Boards, very small, best for tough stackable systems where they are stacked one atop the other with their I/O modules. Available with basic PC-104 or with PCI interface also (PC-104+, PCI-104)
VMEbus CPUboards & Spares
CJB Can give you a Spare-Part service for all Motorolas (and other brands) VMEbus CPUboards & Accessories, which can be new or refurbished, so you can replace your old faulty VMEbus boards