CJB C6-DLQ: ARM CPUboard with NXP iMX6DL/Quad
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CJB C6-DLQ: ARM CPUboard with NXP iMX6 Dual-Lite or Quad-Core

C6-DLQ: the perfect ARM solution for any HMI, Control & TouchPLC and Real-Time applications.

The choice of a good ARM multi-core processor, with high-performace graphics as it's the NXP iMX6, has lead CJB to a general-purpose design for the ARM-C6 CPUboard, quite performing and cheap at the same time.

_________ informations ____________________________________________________________________________________

The C6-DLQ board is available in two versions: Quad-Core and Dual-Core Lite. The board is perfect to create control systems which will fit all the following application fields:

  • Touch Controllers
  • Vending Machines (especially outdoor)
  • Ticketing & Parking Machines
  • Small Controls with friendly "smartphone like" graphic interface
  • Real-Time Automation Controllers

The software support from CJB makes the C6-DLQ fully programmable with CJB's IEC-1131 Power-PLC, while the GUI, especially if managed through a capacitive touch (PCAP), will give amazing performances like you have from the most recent smartphones and tablets.

The C6-DLQ runs Embedded Linux,Windows CE7/2013, and also QNX, which makes it possible to handle mission-critical applications for hard-real time axis control.

_________ technical specs ________________________________________________________________________________

The C6-DLQ Freescale iMX6-Quad/Dual-Lite ARM CPU board has these features:

  • Freescale iMX6-Quad (MCIMX6Q7CVT08AD, i.MX6 MPU Quad-Core, 800Mhz Industrial Lidded Cover 21x21 MAPBGA) or Freescale iMX6-Dual-Lite (MCIMX6U5EVM10AC, i.MX6 MPU Dual-Core, 1000Mhz Industrial 21x21 MAPBGA)
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM onboard
  • 1x 64kB SPI-RAM (static) for permanent storage of data with unlimited write cycles, with battery backup (uses the same battery which keeps the Real Time Clock running)
  • 2x UARTS: 1x RS485 (not insulated)and 1x RS232/RS485
  • 4x USB ports
  • 1x Ethernet 10/100/1000 with RJ45 90º socket
  • 1x push-push socket for µSD flash card
  • 1x LCD Interface with a 40pin ZIF socket to support 40pin FPC cables of TTL LCD panels (7” 800x480) with LED backlight and eventually with bonded resistive or capacitive touch
  • 1x LVDS LCD Interface with a 30pin socket for LVDS LCD panels of any size
  • 1x 4W/5W resistive touch panel (RTP) interface for the touch screen
  • 1x i2C PCAP touch interface, with dedicated 8pin FPC cable ZIF connector (same signals are also available on a separate pin-header)
  • 1x LED Backlight driver for the 7”LCD with selectable current values for most types of 7” LCD
  • 1x 44 pin header for functional expansion. It delivers power, GPIO’s and SPI & i2C buses to external conditioning boards (if needed).
  • 22x TTL GPIO’s, s/w selectable as Inputs or Outputs. Need external signal conditioning.
  • 2x CANbus interfaces: 1 ready with field interface, 1 TTL, to be conditioned with external driver circuit, which can also become additional GPIO’s
  • 1x AUDIO interface, with Audio-Codec and 3W onboard Amplifier for 4 Ohm speakers
  • 1x RTC (Real Time Clock) Low-Power. Based on the same M41T0 used in our C2 or C0-UL boards, it only drains 1 µA from the battery
  • 1x CR2032 Lithium Battery with battery socket, to give power to both the RTC and the SPI Static RAM
  • 1x Mini-PCI-express socket for full-size mini-cards, with support for SIM card (if used with radio-modem cards)
  • Power-Supply: single 9~36Vdc (Typically +12Vdc).
  • Stand-by Mode: the C6-DLQ can be set to low-power standby mode
  • Dimensions: 3”½ form factor, 101x146 mm
  • Operating System: Embedded Linux or QNX6.6
  • Certifications: CE. Verified for FCC-B.