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What is an Engine Box PC, and where you should use it?
  • What is an Engine Box PC?
  • When is it better than another type of PC?
  • What are the characteristics of an Engine Box PC?
  • What are the ideal applications for an Engine Box PC?

On this page we answer your questions.

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When using a PC for an industrial application, the choices are many:

  1. a PC in a chassis of various sizes
  2. a PC associated to an LCD panel
  3. a custom-built PC
  4. a PC with separate display
  5. a Compact and Fanless PC

The last two cases are ideal for using an Engine Box Pc.

In fact, an ENGINE BOX PC is a PC designed with the following features in mind:

  • Solid enclosure, typically made from a single aluminum extrusion
  • The enclosure acts as a heat-sink, and therefore the system has no need of a fan (Fanless System)
  • The dimensions are compact and the Engine Box PC can be easily installed in a control cabinet
  • It's powered by DC power (12Vdc or 24Vdc industrial)
  • Consumption is reduced
  • You can choose from a wide range of performances: processors are typically "mobile", powerful yet efficient
  • You can have expansion slots for add-on cards
  • There are numerous interfaces (USB, Ethernet, COM, VGA, DVI, etc.).
  • Internally you can install HDD, SSD, CF, CFast
  • Internally the system is designed to accept forms of connectivity (3G & SIM socket, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.).
  • The system is ready to use, must not be assembled.

All this makes the use of an Engine Box the best choice for performance and success in your application.

Which Applications for an Engine Box?

Thanks to its characteristics, an Engine Box PC is the perfect choice for the following applications:

  • Industrial Control:
    • Real-Time Systems to control I/O's and Axes (with or without the addition of expansion cards)
    • Acquisition and control variables from the field, field-bus networks
    • Management of I/O's (EtherCAT)
    • I/O Management with CANbus
    • Communications and Modbus with COM ports(RS485, RS422, RS232)
  • Video-Communication (Digital Signage):
    • Management of networked screens (eg:CjPlay)
    • Reproduction of web pages to different displays
    • Media Player
  • In-Vehicle Computer:
    • Management of Vehicle Tracking
    • Control of vehicle functionality and consumption
    • Broadcasting the position, geofencing
    • Vehicle Black-box
    • Use for buses, trucks, trains, ships, vehicles in general
  • Embedded Computing:

    • Fanless systems with flash operating system (XP-Embedded®, Windows7® Embedded, QNX®, Linux)
    • Compact systems, general-purpose
  • Connectivity:

    • PPOE communications, M2M, 3G
    • Transmission of position (GPS)
  • Critical Applications:
    • Wide range temperatures systems
    • Vandal-proof systems where the PC has to be robust
    • Maintenance-free systems (fanless)

As can be seen, an Engine Box is really the best choice in many cases.

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Available Products: Engine Box series

Prodotti Disponibili: Engine Box

  1. ENG: Compact Engine Box, Digital-Signage & Building Automation:
    ITA: Engine Box Compatti per Digital Signage & Building Automation:
    LEC-7050, LEC-7920, LEC-7000, LEC-7020, LEC-7100, LEC-7105, LEC-7900D

  2. ENG: Communication Servers:
    ITA: Communication Servers:

  3. ENG: Industrial Control, Building Automation, DIN-Rail guide assembly
    ITA: Controlli Industriali, Building Automation, montaggio su guida DIN
    LEC-2270, LEC-2010, LEC-2026, LEC-2050, LEC-2055, LEC-2110, LEC-2126, LEC-2220, LEC-2310, LEC-2312, LEC-5011

  4. ENG: In-Vehicle PC
    ITA: Engine Box per uso a bordo di Veicoli
    LEC-5510, LEC-5510V, LEC-5520

Available Products: accessories:

Altri Prodotti: Accessori:

  1. ENG: 3G & Wi-Fi modules, VESA mounts
    ITA: 3G & Wi-Fi modules, VESA mounts

  2. ENG: Operating System Licenses
    ITA: Fornitura Licenze di Sistemi Operativi