Controller-Touch for Food & Vending Appliances
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Touch-Controllers with ARM core for Professional Food Appliances & Vending Machines

CJB's Touch-Controller is based on a CPU with an ARM processor, an LCD display with a capacitive (or resistive) touch-screen from 4.3" size up, Linux Embedded Operating System and QT graphics. The run-time of our IEC-1131-3 SoftPLC (PowerPLC-Bridge) is pre-installed.

It is the perfect heart of professional food appliances and vending-machines

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The idea behind: simplicity + performance

CJB is expert in Touch Controllers since many years. A “Touch Controller” is a PLC-Like Controller cast with a last-generation touch-screen display.

Our technology, which involves both Hardware and Software, allows the manufacturers of Professional Food Appliances to have the highest benefits when used to control their Appliances’ functionality and gives a user’s interface as friendly as last generation Smartphones or Tablets.

With a simple smooth touch the user can access and control all the functions of the Appliance, save time and use it at best.

On the manufacturer’s point of view, using our Touch Controllers simplifies the design, allows a much faster time-to-market and ensures a long life and reliable product.

Thanks to the usage of ARM-based last generation electronics, we can give high performance at low cost, without any sacrifice for performance.

The support for custom design (both h/w and s/w) and the overall cost savings make our offer really attractive.


Wide range of choices

Actually we have developed two versions of our Touch-Controller. One is suitable for mid-to-high-end Appliances, where an amazing graphic user’s interface is a must. The other one is suitable for small low-end Appliances, where cost is fundamental.

Next chapters will detail our technical proposal.


Case Histories

Many important customers trust our technology and now can speak for us. A list of the most recent case histories for the Professional Food Appliance manufacturers can be seen if you download the file "FoodAppliance Examples EN".

_________ technical specs ________________________________________________________________________________

The Controller of a Professional Food Appliance control system is made by the following parts:

1) An ARM-based CPU Board

We can choose between the C0-UL or the C6-DLQ which are NXP iMX ARM-based touch controllers, with Linux Embedded operating system and IEC-1131 Soft-PLC run-time installed onboard.

  • The C0-UL is a super-cheap and small CPU board built around the Freescale iMX6UL (ULtraLite). It is the best snap-in solution for low-end appliances like refrigerators, small ovens, and other appliances which need a small (eventually semi-graphic) user interface. It can immediately work with many small LCD panels: 4.3", 5" and 7". See: C0-UL ARM CPU by CJB
  • The C6-DLQ is a high performance CPU Board based on N NXP iMX6 (Quad or Dual-Lite), suggested for high-end appliances which need a highly sophisticated graphic interface, using a 7” or larger display with a PCAP or a resistive touch (RTP=Resistive Touch Panel). See: C6-DLQ ARM CPU by CJB


2) Customized I/O board

This board is the interface to Inputs & Outputs and is connected to all electric parts of the appliance (motors, heaters, thermocouples, switches, etc.) and is connected to the CPU board using an RS485 line with Modbus-RTU protocol or using SPI. Typically this I/O Board is custom-designed by CJB.


3) Display with Touch (“HMI Kit”)

We supply the LCD display and the touch-screen (bonded onto the LCD).Typical models of such HMI kits are:

  • 7” high-bright 800x480 LCD with PCAP (projected capacitive) touch or resistive touch
  • 4.3” 480x272 and 5” 800x480 high-bright LCD (with 4W resistive touch or PCAP)

Other types of LCD and touch-screens can be supplied upon request.


4) SoftPLC Run-Time: handles the Automation Logic

Our Touch-Controllers embed IEC-1131-3"PowerPLC-Bridge" Soft-PLC, to make the logic programming easy and quick. See: