CJ-NCRP-41 - 4xCANbus & Static RAM
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PCI Addon Card with 4 CANbus ports & 1MB Static RAM with Battery backup

PCI add-on card, with 4 CANbus ports (isolated) and 1MB of onboard battery-backup Static RAM, which ensures unlimited write cycles, which is very useful for continued data save in industrial applications. The NCRP41 is the perfect choice for demandinh I/O and Motion Cantrol applications, using CANbus.

The board is an original project by CJB, and uses the well knows NXP-Philips SJA1000 CAN controller, and the newest CAN drivers with integrated isolation made by TI (ISO1050DUBR).

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4 isolated CANbus Channels

The NCRP41 is a PCI card with 4 isolated CANbus interfaces. This feature is based on experience in the field: to manage large groups of motion drives, and many I/Os, it is good to distribute the load across several independent channels. The isolation ensures high reliability in the field.

Drivers and Library Support

CJB provides drivers for Windows, Linux and QNX. Also the card is supported by our NCRP41 CANopen Library which is available for RTAI-Linux, Windows and QNX (up to 6.5).

Why is the Static RAM on board?

Having 1MB of static RAM on board, with battery backup, allows unlimited and fast with no degradation of the memory(which happens with Flash) and it is an almost mandatory need when setting up control systems, especially when running an application designed with IEC-1131-3 as with our PowerPLC-Bridge.

_________ technical specs ________________________________________________________________________________
  • 4 CANbus ports, isolated (500Vac), with state-of-the-art ISO1050DUBR CAN-drivers (which integrate isolation DCDC)
  • selectable termination
  • 1MB Static RAM for unlimited write cycles of system's variables, which is a must for applications in SoftPLC & SoftMotion systems
  • 5Vdc power supply
  • PCI bus interface
  • 4-layer pcba, high quality manufacturing
  • tough 950mAh onboard Lithium battery for long term data preservation in the RAM
  • RJ45 standard CANbus ports
  • LED for low battery advise
  • full software support for: Windows, Linux, QNX
  • Designed & manufactured by CJB