Capacitive (PCAP) Touch-Screens
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Capacitive (PCAP) Touch-Screens

A PCAP touch-screen allows a "usability" typical of a modern smartphone or tablet. Natively multi-touch, PCAPs are the ideal solution for small to medium-sized touch controllers, like our TouchMover-A8, for example. The disadvantage of a PCAP compared to a standard Zytronic solution is that a PCAP cannot be used with gloves (at most a latex glove is allowed). The size affects the cost, because of their tecnology. However PCAPs are a good choice if the size is for example 5" or 7" or 10.1", because they are very intuitive to use, like today tablet and smartphone are.

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A PCAP works because an almost invisible X-Y grid bonded under the front glass (usually called "cover lens") makes a high number of capacitive cells which are pre-charged by the controller, and then read back to check if a drop-of-charge point is found. If it is found, there the cursor is placed. Hence it's necessary to touch the cover lens with a finger, and you can't wear (thick) gloves.You can use many fingers, and some PCAP touch screens allow up to 4 touches recognized.

The thickness is also a problem: if a Zytronic touch can work in all-weather and all-glove condition with its cover lens thickness of up to 10mm and beyond, a PCAP will hardly work over a 3mm of thickness.

So be careful choosing a PCAP: very good for Touch Controllers in appliances,it's not suitable for outdoor and vandal-proof applications.

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Allegati: datasheet di diversi touch PCAP molto richiesti dai nostri Clienti. Soprattutto i più piccoli sono forniti già con il relativo display LCD pre-incollato.

See the datasheets: they refer to the most requested models. Notice that small models have typically their suitable LCD panel already bonded together.