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We Design Custom Software Applications for Windows®, QNX®, Linux

We Design Custom Software Applications for Windows®, QNX®, Linux.

Since 1987, custom software design is in our DNA.

CJB provides software development and consulting services for applications based on Windows®, Windows-CE®, QNX®, Linux.

C.J.B. also provides Real-Time-IEC 1131-3 Design Tools (PowerPLC-Bridge®) which is multi-platform and runs on x86 and ARM hardware. All software is 100% Made in Italy.

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UNDERSTANDING THE CUSTOMER Our aim is to understand the problems and the system's functional theory and provide an integrated hardware/software solution. We apply a rigorous approach during the specification phase and a continuous joint verification during the development, until the on-the-field setup that concludes the project and starts the machine and/or the plant.

OPERATING SYSTEMS We develop applications, drivers, protocols, and (where necessary) graphics support in the following environments:

  • Windows® (XP, XP Embedded, 7, 7-Embedded)
  • Windows® CE (5.0, 6.0, 7.0)
  • Linux (RTAI)
  • Embedded-Linux
  • QNX® (4.25, 6.x)

THE SOFTWARE FOR HMI (Human Machine Interface) Experience and ability to adapt ourselves to the new development tools gave us the opportunity to develop applications for HMI operator interfaces with total flexibility and speed. Typically we develop HMI applications using either .NET-Framework (or Compact Framework) or QT, depending on the Operating System, on customer's requirements and project's requirements. The final result is amazing: our Touch-Controllers, in fact, give you the same feeling of most appreciated smartphones and Pads, making the interaction with the control application easy, user's friendly and modern-looking.

REAL-TIME SOFTWARE Applications which must be based on Real-Time (like axis & motion control) require a Real-Time Operating System. So QNX® and RTAI-Linux must be used for Hard Real-Time applications, while Windows®-CE can be used for less critical situations. When possible, we develop the logic of the software with our IEC-1131 Tool (PowerPLC-Bridge®) which leads to significant advantages in terms of reduced development time and easier management of the project.

APPLICATIONS We develop various software applications in the following areas:

  • Touch-Controllers for professional food appliances (ovens, kettles, steamers, ice-cream machines etc.)
  • Industrial Automation and Axes-Motion Control
  • Production of Wafers with epitaxial technology
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Connection
  • Soft-PLC & Soft-Motion (PowerPLC-Bridge®)
  • Specific applications for vending machines
  • Specific applications for chemical, pharmaceutical, food



The best custom software works perfectly with a custom hardware. To understand what we can offer you as custom h/w designers, please visit the Custom Hardware section of this website.